Interested in interdisciplinarity and decompartmentalization of disciplines, Nadère arts vivants creates innovative and unique circus works that seek to question forms and genres.

Nadère contributes to the advancement and the recognition of the performing art, in Montreal and internationally, by placing research at the very center of its creative process and foster unusual artistic collaborations.

Under the artistic vision of Andréane Leclerc, Nadère wishes to become an independent experimentation platform; unconventional, experimental and open to other artistic approaches.

* Nadère arts vivants is a non-profit organization based in Montreal.

Nadère arts vivants

In 2013, in response to an international touring demand for the play Cherepaka, Andréane Leclerc, Geoffroy Faribault and Miriam Ginestier founded Nadère arts vivants.

Through inter-artist encounters and unusual collaborations, Nadère arts vivants keeps questioning and research at the heart of its mission. The works created by Andréane Leclerc are first presented at the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival and then at Autopistes, and quietly make their way onto the contemporary interdisciplinary scene: Sismogràf Festival in Olot, Sala Hiroshima in Barcelona, ​​Grand Cru Festival in Montreal, Palak Acropolis in Prague, Les Plateaux in Paris, Can Monroig in Mallorca. With original music by the English band The Tiger Lillies, The Whore of Babylon (2015) is co-produced by the Republique Theater in Copenhagen and performed at the Skirball Center in New York on the sidelines of APAP (2016). A work co-choreographed with the artist Dany Desjardins lead to the presentation of the play Sang Bleu at La Chapelle in Montreal in February 2018.

Nadère arts vivants begins today a process towards a large piece inspired by contortion not as a form or a knowledge, but rather as a philosophy. In this project, Nadère arts vivants collaborates among others with CEPRODAC in Mexico.

Nadère arts vivants is supported by choreographic residencies in Montréal (Théâtre LaChapelle, Studio 303, Maison de la Culture NDG) and international (La Métive en Creuse, Centro de las Artes de San Luis Potosi, Centro Arti Opificio Siri in Terni) and offers contortion workshops to physical artists – all disciplines combined, and acrobatic dialogue workshops to circus artists.

Andreane Leclerc

Choreographer-director and performer, Andréane is interested in human encounters that bring her into processes and interartistics, beyond disciplinarity. In an approach that deconstructs the spectacular, she seeks a material body devoid of form that evolves in sensation rather than sensationalism. Inspired by her 20 years of circus practice, she now thinks contortion as a philosophy and not as a skill. Politic by its non-conformity and its independence, Andréane likes to question and to reverse the concepts and the preconceived ideas, which form our reality, so to deconstruct the relations towards binary power and to see an attempt of humanity which reveals itself.

In 2013, she obtained a master’s degree from the theater department of UQAM treating of the dramaturgy of the contortionist corps. That same year, she founded the Nadère arts vivants company with her partner, Geoffroy Faribault, in order to continue her practice of research on the body by creating conceptual stage works (Di(x)parus, InSuccube, Bath House, Cherepaka, Mange-Moi The Whore of Babylon, Sang Bleu).

Andréane is regularly welcomed in a creative residency in Montreal (Studio 303, La Chapelle Theater, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce House of Culture, Espace Marie-Chouinard, O Vertigo Creation Center) and internationally (Main d’Oeuvres) in Paris, La Métive in Creuse, La Grainerie in Toulouse, CAOS in Terni, Centro de Las Artes in San Luis Potosi, New Dance Alliance in New York City).

At the same time, she develops a pedagogical practice (Studio 303 in Montreal, La Gata Circo in Bogota, CEPRODAC in Mexico City, La Grainerie in Toulouse), is guest choreographer for Anamdam Dance Theater in Toronto, acts as a dramaturg (Dialogue of Disobedience of/with Dana Dugan, 2018), creates Cirque OFF, a living manifesto for circus arts biodiversity in Montreal (Studio 303, 2017), and is a performer for various international projects (Variations pour une déchéance annoncée of Angela Konrad, The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet of Theater Republic, Cleopatra by Gerard Reyes).

To this day, she is starting a research project around the limits and delimitations.

Board of directors

President — Andréane Leclerc, Artistic director & co-général director, Nadère arts vivants
Vice President — Miriam Ginestier, Artistic & General Co-Director, Studio 303
Secretary — Geoffroy Faribault, International representative & co-général director, Nadère arts vivants
Treasurer — Constance de Grosbois, director, M&A at BMO Capital Markets
Administrator — Marie-Ève Poirier, CPA, CA, CFE, PSL Group
Administrator — Sarah De Rose, lawyer, Fasken Martineau
Administrator — Muriel Devémy, communication, marketing & events, freelance worker