Contortion for all

Length : 3 h/day
Max : 10 persons

Contortion is a corporeal technique which, in a constant dialogue with one’s own body, is looking for openness rather than wanting to bend. Never pushing the boundaries, we learn to collaborate with them in a total respect of the body – your tool, your partner.
This technical class (specific warming up, alinement, endurance in classical positions, specific reinforcement followed by cool-down exercises), is based on active flexibility exercises and deep stretching of the hips and the back. We will work the body’s awareness, breathing, posture and endurance.

Acrobatic dialogue

Length : 3 h/day
Max : 10 persons

The circus prowess is the principal essence of this form of art. Since the seventies, circus and dramaturgy started to merge. Though, if we want to write circus, we need to be able to read it as well as understanding its system: intellectually and physically. This workshop will question the encounter between the perception of the spectator as well as the experience of the acrobat. From improvisation exercises, we will explore this circus prowess through solo, duo and group exercises to develop a common physical acrobatic dialogue.

The classes will start with a deep warming up to open a first inner dialogue. Then, we will explore and deconstruct the prowess by reversing its code, playing with its rhythm and angle of presentation. We will “deterritorialise” the notion of danger, so the tricks can become a conscious movement, a matter and a vehicle. This work aims to open the consciousness of the acrobat towards the different interpretations possible to then develop dialogues with other bodies in movement. From those improvisations, we will discuss and think about the different potential interpretations: from the inside as well as from the outside.