Nadère Arts Vivants (NAV) is a Montréal-based live arts company whose practice is anchored in artistic and geographical nomadism. NAV nurtures research-creation processes through artistic projects centred on cooperation.

The word "nadère"stems from “nader,” which means "snake" in Cornish, a formerly extinct Celtic language that has recently been revived. For us, the snake embodies movement, the process of regeneration, and creative force.


Listening is Nadère Arts Vivants' core value.

Listening lies at the heart of the company's creative processes (listening to bodies, co-presence of performers). The act of listening underpins both NAV’s working relationships (consideration, looking closely to ethics of care), and the types of experience it seeks to offer to audiences (immersion with performers, invitation to introspection).


Nadère Arts Vivants fosters creative projects both in its home base of Québec and internationally, exploring links between land-based and bodily territories.

Under the artistic direction Andréane Leclerc, Nadère Arts Vivants favors transdisciplinar processes. The company creates works for diverse audiences across multiple forms.