Andréane Leclerc, crédit photo Valérie Sangin


Andréane Leclerc
artistic director

Conceptor and performer, Andréane is interested in the human encounters that bring her into interdisciplinary and inter-artistic processes. Through an approach that deconstructs the spectacular, she seeks a formless material body that feeds off of sensation rather than sensationalism. Today, she draws inspiration from her 20 years of circus practice to reflect on contortion as a philosophy versus a skill. In 2013, she obtained a Master's degree in the theatre department of the Université du Québec à Montréal in the field of body dramaturgy. That same year, she founded, with her partner Geoffroy Faribault, the Nadère arts vivants company in order to support her body-research through conceptual scenic works: Di(x)parue, InSuccube, Bath House, Cherepaka, Mange-Moi, La Putain de Babylone, Sang Bleu.

In parallel, Andréane has developed a teaching practice, including contortion workshops for physical artists, and acrobatic dialogue and writing workshops for circus artists. She has taught in Montreal at Studio 303 and En Piste - Regroupement national des arts du cirque, as well as at the Contemporary Circus Arts Festival in Toronto, La Gata Cirko in Bogota, La Grainerie in Toulouse. She has been a guest choreographer for Anandam Dance Theater in Toronto, a dramaturg for Dana Dugan (Dialogue of Disobedience, 2018) and co-founded Cirque OFF, a living manifesto for the biodiversity of circus arts in Montreal (Studio 303, 2017). She is also a performer for various international projects (The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet by Teater Republique in Copenhagen).

Geoffroy Faribault
co-Executive Director and Producer

Following years of experience as a singer and guitarist, as Maître D of the renowned Cabaret Lion d'Or in Montreal, and as assistant to the directors at the RUBBERBANDance Group, Geoffroy Faribault is currently head of international development for Nadère arts vivants, an interdisciplinary company he co-founded with Andréane Leclerc in 2013. His objective is to build long-term collaborations with like-minded presenters, managers, and cultural workers. He is passionate about facilitating cross-cultural encounters between artists, producers, presenters and audiences, through performances, collaborations, workshops, and other artistic events. Geoffroy travels internationally to attend festivals and conferences including IETM, IPAM, ENARTES, PAMS, CINARS, and has secured tours for Nadère arts vivants in Canada, the U.S.A., France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Uruguay, and in Egypt.


Board of Directors

President - Andréane Leclerc, Artistic director, Nadère arts vivants 

Treasurer - George Krump, Independent Cultural Manager, Consultant and Investigation Director

Secretary - Alma Salem, independent curator and cultural advisor

Administrator - Constance de Grosbois, Director, M&A, BMO Capital Markets

Administrator - Geoffroy Faribault, Co-executive director and producer, Nadère arts vivants

Public funders