« Andréane Leclerc's naked sincerity, the strict sobriety of her staging and the luminous and sonorous atmosphere that seems to spring from the artist's body, nail the audience to the chair to breathe with her and with her to brush against despair. »
Jordi Jané, Serra d’Or #662, 2015 – Barcelone

available for tour

Year of creation

55 minutes

Cherepaka means turtle in Russian. Composed of a shell and flesh, the Turtle carries within it the duality between eternity and ephemerality. Cherepaka depicts the death of a turtle and echoes the tension that inhabits human beings between their quest for infinity and the mortality of their animal flesh.

Inspired by Francis Bacon's paintings and Deleuze's "logic of sensation", this essay, conceived as a painting, seeks to stimulate the spectator's imagination through a scenic writing based on a reinterpretation of the technique of contortion.