Contortion: Opening, amplitude and movement of the spine

« Very good teacher-will do it again. »
Eugene Poku, yogi, 2015

Duration: 3 hours per day x 5 days

Contortion does not mean "being flexible". It is a body technique and a hyperconsciousness of inner sensations that, in constant dialogue with the body, creates openness and amplitude in each of its particles.

This workshop aims to demystify the extreme movement of the spine through a holistic approach to the body and in harmony with our body memories, and to make contortion accessible to other artistic practices.

It is aimed at all body artists who wish to improve and use their flexibility, discover a new approach to the body, open up to new tools, develop confidence and knowledge about their own body limits; all venturing to create a specific and particular relationship with the spine

This workshop was given
Festival Lila López (San Luis Potosí), Festival Fabbrica Europa (Florence), Studio 303 (Montreal), Centre des arts de la scène Jean-Besré (Sherbrooke), Contemporary Circus Arts Festival of Toronto (Toronto).

Acrobatic dialogue

Duration : 3h par jour x 5 jours

In this workshop, I am interested in dialogue: in the continuous development and construction of a single common path resulting from an encounter: with one's discipline, with another acrobat, with an audience.

We will explore the prowess, discipline, technique and body of the circus by overturning and playing with its codes, as well as by deterritorializing the notions of danger and risk. We will develop short improvised and conscious pieces and will question, thanks to the material, the experience of the acrobat, the perception of the spectator, how we can articulate this imaginary in-between zone from where this encounter emerges. What are the different possible readings and interpretations?

This internship is intended for professional circus artists - all disciplines combined - who wish to explore different types of circus writing and open up to a new awareness of the acrobatic experience.

This workshop was offered
En Piste - Regroupement national des arts du cirque (Montreal), Contemporary Circus Arts Festival (Toronto), La Gata Circo (Bogota), La Grainerie (Toulouse), La Central del Circ (Barcelona)