« Contortionist Andréane Leclerc and stage artist Holly Gauthier-Frankel engage in a prodigiously sexy and beautiful erotic choreography. »
DFDanse, Marie-Chantal Scoll, 2012 – Montréal

Repertoire piece

Year of creation

60 minutes

Two mothers, two sisters, two actresses and two courtesans; a stripper and a contortionist; a singer and a whip manipulator. Women, they sail the ocean on a glass boat. Goddesses with siren songs, they will train you and guide you into the shallows of your dreams and fantasies.

Inspired by the two night demons Incubus and Succubus, this piece is an invitation to follow us into a world where nothing is clear and everything is suggested. The boundaries are blurred, but one thing is certain, these two sensual, sexual and erotic characters will escort you on a deconstructed lullaby, straddling between childish naivety and adulterous suggestion. These two young sisters of heart will be happy to play with you. The marine world contained in a glass of water is the bridge between the imaginary world offered by the stage and the public, its client.