Sang Bleu

« We are entitled to a demanding sharing from two performers who deliver with abandonment, generosity, precision, and strength. »

Yanik Comeau, Zone Culture, 2018 – Montréal

Status available for tour

Year of creation 2018

Premiere Théâtre La Chapelle Scènes contemporaines, mach 2018

Duration 60 minutes

Sang Bleu is an exploration of the body and its relationship to the matter that composes it. Clusters of flesh and bacteria, the bodies penetrate, devour and decompose.

Whatever death, illness or infection, Andréane Leclerc and Dany Desjardins embody degeneration, not as a finiteness and annihilation of the body, but as a process of physical transfiguration and a constant evolution of the flesh.

The aesthetics of this piece is based on the work of Odd Nerdrum, a Norwegian painter, and Patrick Bernatchez's Chrysalides series.