À l'est de Nod

A physical reflection on boundaries and delimitations, this creation questions our relationship to the physical, disciplinary and belief space in order to implode the product-producer system and penetrate an area where there is only energy exchange, wandering and movement, and no end in itself.
Creation : 2021

Sang Bleu

Sang Bleu is an exploration of the body and its relationship to the matter that composes it. Clusters of flesh and bacteria, the bodies penetrate, devour and decompose.
Creation : 2018

The Whore of Babylon featuring the Tiger Lillies

To the original music of the London cult group, The Whore of Babylon is a reinterpretation of the myth of the Great Harlot (Revelation, 17), a living, carnal, feminist fresco that embraces pleasure, explodes the forces of binary domination and all references to Good and Evil and overthrows Hell to make it the Paradise of God. .
Creation : 2015


Cherepaka means turtle in Russian. Composed of a shell and flesh, the Turtle carries within it the duality between eternity and ephemerality. Cherepaka depicts the death of a turtle and echoes the tension that inhabits human beings between their quest for infinity and the mortality of their animal flesh.
Creation : 2014


Di(x)parue is an in situ performance, a sensitive physical dialogue between the performer, the spectator, the place and the present moment. This abstract and ephemeral form, which will disappear at the end of the performance, is the result of a scenic research on phenomenology. Di(x)parue is a lived experience.
Creation : 2009

Bath House

Witnesses, the spectators' bodies form large walls around the stage and look down on the contortionist bodies at ground level.
Creation : 2013


Mange-Moi is a female contortionist's view of contortion, often performed by young girls, and of the sexualized image that can be projected towards the audience. Mange-Moi exposes this body, making the artist and the spectator who watches her fully aware of her fragility, her sexuality and her femininity. A process of empowerment through the objectification of one's body, Mange-Moi seeks to create a protective distance between the soul and the body.
Creation 2013


Two mothers, two sisters, two actresses and two courtesans; a stripper and a contortionist; a singer and a whip manipulator. Women, they sail the ocean on a glass boat. Goddesses with siren songs, they will train you and guide you into the shallows of your dreams and fantasies.
Creation : 2012